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Manfred Lindenberger
Painting   Work on Paper   

  Manfred Lindenberger - Jazz 13

Jazz 13
acrylic on canvas
24 X 24 in.
  Manfred Lindenberger - Network 5

Network 5
acrylic on canvas
28 X 22 in.
  Manfred Lindenberger - IV Four

IV Four
acrylic on canvas
24 X 48 in.
  Manfred Lindenberger - Windows 2

Windows 2
acrylic on canvas
24 X 18 in.
  Manfred Lindenberger - Desert Dance

Desert Dance
watercolor on paper
  Manfred Lindenberger - Primal Garden

Primal Garden
acrylic on canvas
20 X 16 in.
  Manfred Lindenberger - Mardi Gras II

Mardi Gras II
watercolor on paper
10.75 X 11 in.
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Manfred Lindenberger

Manfred Lindenberger was born in Berlin, Germany in 1914. As a child he frequented the museums of Berlin that offered extensive Old Masters collections. After graduating from the University of Berlin in 1936, he immigrated to the United States where he completed his education at the University of California, San Francisco.

Lindenberger’s early work was influenced by the beauty of the Northwest scenery. In the late 1980s he began using acrylic in addition to watercolor and his work evolved from landscape to figurative representation. Lindenberger focused on articulating the exuberance, rhythm, color, and excitement of people gathered in a public setting. His recent gestural paintings express, “the understanding that pigment and color application are intertwined much like the fabric of our society.”  Despite tragedy and difficulty in his life, Lindenberger maintained a hopeful faith in humanity.  

Manfred Lindenberger passed away in September 2008 at the age of 94.  Foster/White Gallery has been exhibiting his work since 1991.