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Allison Collins

Allison Collins: 2014 Exhibition Catalog
Allison Collins: 2011 Exhibition Catalog

  Allison Collins - Teanaway

oil on canvas
50 X 45 in.
  Allison Collins - Below the Sky

Below the Sky
oil on canvas
60 X 36 in.
  Allison Collins - Two Trees

Two Trees
oil on canvas
30 X 30 in.
  Allison Collins - Evening Farm

Evening Farm
oil on canvas
30 X 30 in.
  Allison Collins - Coming Back

Coming Back
oil on canvas
45 X 60 in.
  Allison Collins - Goldendale

oil on canvas
40 X 36 in.
  Allison Collins - Whoopemup Hollow

Whoopemup Hollow
oil on canvas
24 X 36 in.
  Allison Collins - Far and Wide

Far and Wide
oil on canvas
48 X 72 in.
  Allison Collins - Viridian Thread

Viridian Thread
oil on canvas
36 X 36 in.
  Allison Collins - Off the Beaten Path

Off the Beaten Path
oil on canvas
18 X 24.25 in.
  Allison Collins - Between Warm and Cool

Between Warm and Cool
oil on canvas
20 X 16 in.
  Allison Collins - Coastal Foothills

Coastal Foothills
oil on canvas
40 X 36 in.
  Allison Collins - Room to Move

Room to Move
oil on canvas
40 X 60 in.
  Allison Collins - Summer Day Dreams

Summer Day Dreams
oil on canvas
16 X 16 in.
  Allison Collins - Traveling East

Traveling East
oil on canvas
18 X 24.25 in.
  Allison Collins - Woven Lands

Woven Lands
oil on canvas
30 X 30 in.
  Allison Collins - Unwoven

oil on canvas
30 X 30 in.
  Allison Collins - Rest Stop

Rest Stop
oil on canvas
18 X 24.5 in.
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Allison Collins

Collins juxtaposes elements of abstraction and traditional landscape in her oil paintings.  “I have always been interested in color, texture and surface – fairly traditional abstract elements.  I use the structure of predictable patterns to contrast with random expressions.”  Collins draws inspiration from the beauty of Eastern Washington and the San Juan Islands. The patterns of the cultivated landscape create a patchwork quilt of abstract texture.  

Collins received her BA and BFA from the University of Washington in 1975, and her MFA from Otis Art Institute in Los Angeles, CA in 1977.  She is the recipient of numerous awards including Whitney Museum of American Art Fellowship, and has exhibited with Foster/White since 1982. Collins has work in public and corporate collections in Washington, Texas and California.
Exhibition Catalog
Collins 2014
Collins 2011