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San Francisco Art Dealers Association

Chateau Ste. Michelle


Lindsay Pichaske

Lindsay Pichaske: 2013 Exhibition Catalog

  Lindsay Pichaske - The Hare

The Hare
17.5 X 14 X 10 in.
  Lindsay Pichaske - The Blonde Fawn

The Blonde Fawn
mixed media
12 X 37 X 17 in.
  Lindsay Pichaske - Quake

11 X 8.5 X 12 in.
  Lindsay Pichaske - Cinder

10 X 6.5 X 10 in.
  Lindsay Pichaske - Suckle

  Lindsay Pichaske - Molt

12.5 X 9.5 X 6.25 in.
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Lindsay Pichaske

Artist Statement

I create animals that blur species boundaries. They challenge the perceived order and comfortable classifications of life. These animals are tricksters; familiar but also alien, seductive but also scary, animal but also human, alive but also dead. In a world where petals mimic fur and hair impersonates bone, even materials upset their expected roles. These creatures are not to be trusted, for as soon as we identify with them, we admit that perhaps the definitions they upturn are not so clearly defined as we would like to think.  

Material and process are the tangible means through which I contemplate the lines separating these opposing worlds. Using clay, a material that relies on touch to take shape, I sculpt and articulate animal forms to generate a semblance of life. Then, the fleshy coats covering the ceramic ‘skin’ are meticulously and lovingly applied, allowing me to both control and understand the figure as it comes into existence.
Exhibition Catalog
Pichaske 2013