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San Francisco Art Dealers Association

Chateau Ste. Michelle


Alden Mason - Painting
Painting   Work on Paper   

Selected Masterpieces Exhibition Catalog

  Alden Mason - Bird Watching at North Bend

Bird Watching at North Bend
acrylic on canvas
50 X 60 in.
  Alden Mason - Beatrice

acrylic on canvas
60 X 48 in.
  Alden Mason - Sun Zinger

Sun Zinger
acrylic on canvas
50 X 50 in.
  Alden Mason - Landscape Totem

Landscape Totem
acrylic on canvas
60 X 50 in.
  Alden Mason - Basket Totem

Basket Totem
acrylic on canvas
42 X 36 in.
  Alden Mason - Primal Baskets

Primal Baskets
acrylic on canvas
36 X 42 in.
  Alden Mason - Shuttlecock

acrylic on canvas
60 X 82 in.
  Alden Mason - Up The Amazon

Up The Amazon
acrylic on canvas
82 X 70 in.
  Alden Mason - Three Sisters

Three Sisters
acrylic on canvas
62 X 50 in.
  Alden Mason - The Farmer's Wife

The Farmer's Wife
acrylic on canvas
60 X 50 in.
  Alden Mason - Tambopata Tango

Tambopata Tango
acrylic on canvas
80 X 80 in.
  Alden Mason - Garden Totem

Garden Totem
acrylic on canvas
64 X 50 in.
  Alden Mason - Salmon Totem

Salmon Totem
acrylic on canvas
66 X 50 in.
  Alden Mason - Fast Flirting

Fast Flirting
mixed media on paper
26 X 35 in.
  Alden Mason - Population Overload

Population Overload
mixed media on paper
26 X 35 in.
  Alden Mason - Entymologist's Dream

Entymologist's Dream
mixed media on paper
26 X 35 in.
  Alden Mason - Elephant Rider

Elephant Rider
mixed media on paper
26 X 35 in.
  Alden Mason - Gold Blusher

Gold Blusher
acrylic on canvas
60 X 50 in.
  Alden Mason - Red Bingo

Red Bingo
oil on canvas
  Alden Mason - Tower of Power

Tower of Power
acrylic on canvas
60 X 43 in.
  Alden Mason - Muscle Beach

Muscle Beach
acrylic on canvas
51 X 55 in.
  Alden Mason - Gum Ball Tower

Gum Ball Tower
acrylic on canvas
48 X 36 in.
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Alden Mason

Alden Mason is a prolific, contemporary Northwest Master. Born in Everett, Washington in 1919, Mason earned his MFA from the University of Washington in 1947. He taught painting at the University of Washington from 1949 to 1981. Throughout his career, Mason has used a variety of mediums from oil to acrylic. After becoming sensitive to the toxicity of his materials, he then moved to watercolor and oil stick.  

Although the imagery and media used by Mason have gone through many changes over the years, his paintings always exhibit exuberance and inventiveness in form, color, and style. Mason draws inspiration from Arshile Gorky, Willem de Kooning, Joan Miro, Pablo Picasso, and the many different cultures he has encountered while traveling. He has exhibited with Foster/White Gallery since 2003.

Mason’s work can be found in the collections of the Henry Art Gallery, Seattle Art Museum, Tacoma Art Museum, Museum of Northwest Art, San Francisco Museum of Art, Portland Art Museum, Milwaukee Art Museum, and many private and corporate collections in the US.

Alden Mason was selected by the Seattle Art Dealers Association (SADA) to be a part of the Century 21 exhibit at the Wright Exhibition Space in Seattle.

Alden Mason passed away at the age of 93 in February of 2013.

Map to Alden Mason's public collection
Exhibition Catalog
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