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Andre Petterson

Andre Petterson: 2015 Exhibition Catalog
Andre Petterson: 2013 Exhibition Catalog
Andre Petterson: 2010 Exhibition Catalog

  Andre Petterson - Okavango

mixed media on panel
72 X 96 in.
  Andre Petterson - Six

mixed media on panel
16 X 40 in.
  Andre Petterson - Red Tie

Red Tie
mixed media on panel
48 X 48 in.
  Andre Petterson - Two

mixed media on panel
24 X 24 in.
  Andre Petterson - Cobalt Spill

Cobalt Spill
mixed media on board
48 X 48 in.
  Andre Petterson - Coop

mixed media on board
48 X 36 in.
  Andre Petterson - Riddle 2

Riddle 2
mixed media on board
40 X 48 in.
  Andre Petterson - Front and Centre

Front and Centre
mixed media on board
48 X 48 in.
  Andre Petterson - Still Water

Still Water
mixed media
32 X 32 in.
  Andre Petterson - Pond

mixed media on board
48.5 X 40 in.
  Andre Petterson - Flip

mixed media on board
36 X 96 in.
  Andre Petterson - Show

mixed media on board
24 X 24 in.
  Andre Petterson - Win

mixed media on board
24 X 24 in.
  Andre Petterson - Place

mixed media on board
24 X 24 in.
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Andre Petterson

Petterson attempts to capture the essence of a split-second in time.  His current photography-based work explores various themes of lighting to create elements of mystery. Rembrandt and the Dutch masters’ use of light have strongly influenced Petterson; important elements are highlighted and the mind must fill in the rest.  Fabric and movement are also subjects of fascination for the artist.  He believes that the integration of movement and fabric are similar to brushstrokes. The chance and artistic freedom involved in motions of dance and similar movements are also reflected in his mixed media work.

Recently, Petterson’s focus has been on painting, photo-based works, steel sculpture, and photography.  Music has always been a very important facet of the artist’s life, whether it be playing, composing, or simply appreciating music. He has explored performance art, film and kinetic work involving his own music compositions, set design and choreography.

Petterson has exhibited in both private and public galleries in Canada and the United States. He is the recipient of The National Film Board of Canada Award, and has work featured in numerous private and public collections including Canada Council Art Bank, Canadian Airlines, Vancouver General Hospital, and Laxton & Company.
Exhibition Catalog
Petterson 2015
Petterson 2013
Petterson 2010