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Eva Isaksen
New York   Painting   Work on Paper   

Eva Isaksen: 2018 Exhibition Catalog
Eva Isaksen: 2016 Exhibition Catalog
Eva Isaksen: 2013 Exhibition Catalog
Eva Isaksen: 2011 Exhibition Catalog

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  Eva Isaksen - September Light

September Light
mixed media on canvas
16 X 20 in.
  Eva Isaksen - Shore

acrylic on canvas
16 X 20 in.
  Eva Isaksen - Concurrence

mixed media on paper
29.5 X 41.5 in.
  Eva Isaksen - Flyaway

mixed media on paper
22.25 X 30 in.
  Eva Isaksen - Earthbound

mixed media on paper
22.25 X 30 in.
  Eva Isaksen - Morning Blue

Morning Blue
collage on canvas
30 X 36 in.
  Eva Isaksen - Above and Below

Above and Below
collage on canvas
48 X 36 in.
  Eva Isaksen - Give Take

Give Take
collage on canvas
60 X 48 in.
  Eva Isaksen - Black Hole

Black Hole
collage on canvas
48 X 48 in.
  Eva Isaksen - Sinking Sun Black Moon

Sinking Sun Black Moon
collage on canvas
36 X 36 in.
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Eva Isaksen

Eva Isaksen Interview May 2020

Born in Norway, Isaksen attended the Nordland School of Arts & Crafts in Narvik, Norway, and continued her studies in the United States. She received her BFA in Painting from the University of South Dakota and earned her MFA in Painting from Montana State University.

Isaksen’s intricate artworks are created through an equally intricate process.  Using items from her garden, Isaksen creates monoprints on fiber paper, which are layered with an acrylic medium, leaving only what has been printed visible. Each artwork consists of numerous layers of monoprints, creating one cohesive composition full of color and depth.  

Isaksen states, “My work has always been inspired by nature: organic forms, cycles, seasons, land, water, sky, order, rhythm, repetition, growth, life, regeneration. The thin papers, which I print on, draw on, cut up, mix, are layered endlessly on the canvas. No “ found” papers are used. I print them all, using yarns, fabric, seeds, pressed plants and other organic material. I seek ways to bring my work to new levels of my personal interpretation of nature. My work is about color, line, material, form, space, and about art as process that always changes and grows.

Isaksen’s work is part of several public and corporate collections, including Nordland Regional Hospital, Bodø, Norway, Boeing, Goldman Sachs, Intel, Nordstrom, Blue Cross, SafeCo. Insurance and the US Embassy in Riga, Latvia. Isaksen was also honored with a Fellowship from Artists Trust in 2011. She has exhibited with the Foster/White Gallery since 2002.

Map to Isaksen's public collection
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