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John de Wit
Glass   Scepters   

John de Wit: 2012 Exhibition Catalog
John de Wit: 2011 Exhibition Catalog

  John de Wit - Embankment 3018-12

Embankment 3018-12
10 X 13 X 5.5 in. 10lbs
  John de Wit - Nest 3012-12

Nest 3012-12
13.75 X 10 X 4.25 in. 12lbs
  John de Wit - Overflow 3013-12

Overflow 3013-12
8.75 X 12.5 X 6 in. 8lbs
  John de Wit - Lake Affect

Lake Affect
21.5 X 9.5 X 3 in.
  John de Wit - Earth

15.5 X 9.5 X 5 in.
  John de Wit - Cold Prairie

Cold Prairie
21.5 X 12 X 3 in.
  John de Wit - Rodeo Dust

Rodeo Dust
22 X 13.5 X 2.5 in.
  John de Wit - Bite

26 X 14.5 X 2.5 in.
  John de Wit - UT 3007-12

UT 3007-12
17 X 10 X 8 in.
  John de Wit - Eddy 3015-12

Eddy 3015-12
9.25 X 11.5 X 4.5 in. 8lbs
  John de Wit - Levee

8.5 X 10.5 X 6 in.
  John de Wit - Ode to My Father

Ode to My Father
mixed media
34.5 X 22 X 6.5 in.
  John de Wit - Beginnings

mixed media
36 X 17.5 X 4 in.
  John de Wit - Imagine This

Imagine This
mixed media
17 X 41.5 X 18.5 in.
  John de Wit - Dew Drops with Loop

Dew Drops with Loop
blown glass / paint
17.5 X 12 X 12 in.
  John de Wit - Birch Scape 1694-09

Birch Scape 1694-09
blown glass with mixed media interior
12.25 X 11 X 5 in.
  John de Wit - Wood Not Burn 1683-09

Wood Not Burn 1683-09
blown glass with mixed media interior
23.5 X 15 X 9 in.
  John de Wit - War 1696-09

War 1696-09
blown glass / paint
16.3 X 8 X 8 in.
  John de Wit - Scepter 1417.08

Scepter 1417.08
31 X 7 X 5.5 in.
  John de Wit - Scepter 1472

Scepter 1472
47.5 X 7 X 7 in.
  John de Wit - Paran 1103-07

Paran 1103-07
17.5 X 10 X 8.5 in.
  John de Wit - Therm 1115-07

Therm 1115-07
hand blown and painted glass
  John de Wit - Put 1119-07

Put 1119-07
37 X 5 X 5 in.
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John de Wit

Seattle glass artist John de Wit has fused his love of ceramics with glass for the past 30 years. Texture and color became his focus, while his experience and skill guide his form. In his May 2012 exhibition, 'Introspectus', he incorporated glass, while moving beyond it with found materials and wooden constructions. De Wit took us outside of our glass comfort zone and reminded us, it is the master not the medium that creates art.

“This latest group of work is based on the varied interests and processes I have been working on for the last few years. I seek relationships between objects, the tactile and the unrequited symbol. While Nature inspires me, I chose not to mimic, choosing instead to construct, jumble and tumult.”

De Wit studied glass and ceramics at California State University in Chico in the late 1970s, and also attended Pilchuck Glass School.  After working as a glassblowing assistant for Dale Chihuly, de Wit went on to teach at Pilchuck Glass School, Pratt Fine Art Center, and several workshops and lectures in France.
Exhibition Catalogs
De Wit 2012
De Wit 2011