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James Martin

James Martin: 2016 Exhibition Catalog
James Martin: 2015 Exhibition Catalog
James Martin: 2014 Exhibition Catalog
James Martin: 2013 Exhibition Catalog
James Martin: 2012 Exhibition Catalog
James Martin: 2011 Exhibition Catalog

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  James Martin - Other Voices Other Rooms

Other Voices Other Rooms
gouache on paper
16 X 22 in.
  James Martin - Candy Suckers

Candy Suckers
gouache on paper
14.75 X 20 in.
  James Martin - Internal Combustion With Strawberry

Internal Combustion With Strawberry
gouache on paper
9 X 12 in.
  James Martin - Sailor Artist

Sailor Artist
gouache on paper
14.75 X 15 in.
  James Martin - Das Boat

Das Boat
gouache on paper
19.5 X 23.5 in.
  James Martin - Rabbi

gouache on paper
17.5 X 20 in.
  James Martin - Chariot for Bouquet

Chariot for Bouquet
gouache on paper
14 X 19.5 in.
  James Martin - Martha Stewart Eatin' Slice of Pie

Martha Stewart Eatin' Slice of Pie
gouache on paper
9 X 8.3 in.
  James Martin - Fish Bowl

Fish Bowl
gouache on paper
16 X 19 in.
  James Martin - Graves in Front of Woodtown Manor

Graves in Front of Woodtown Manor
gouache on paper
13.75 X 8 in.
  James Martin - Big Noses, Peggy Guggenheim and Dale C.

Big Noses, Peggy Guggenheim and Dale C.
gouache on paper
12 X 10.8 in.
  James Martin - Training Wheels and Big Hands

Training Wheels and Big Hands
gouache on paper
15.25 X 23 in.
  James Martin - Moving Mirror

Moving Mirror
gouache on paper
15 X 20 in.
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James Martin

Martin was born in Everett, Washington in 1928. With a BA in creative writing from the University of Washington, Martin has always been interested in narrative. Since 1955 Martin has maintained a well-loved cast of characters whose burlesque escapades have captivated the imaginations of Northwest viewers. William Shakespeare, Andy Warhol, Mona Lisa, Vincent Van Gogh, the Lion, and the Monkey are all frequent players in Martin’s brown paper theater. Martin was influenced early in his career by Morris Graves, Kenneth Callahan, Mark Tobey, Mark Chagall, and Paul Klee and his paintings often swung from one style to the next. By the 1980s Martin came into his own, blending influence with personal experience. “James Martin: Art Rustler at the Rivoli” a monograph by Shelia Farr was published in 2001 and pays tribute to Martin’s distinct brand of humor, prodigious output, and distinctive style.
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